Brand value calculator is free trademark or brand valuation tool for global brands of various stature. The brand value calculator provides a quick idea of what is the value of brand (trademarked), if a company acquires or overtakes the brand and implement the brand into the market. Brand valuation is determined through below calculator which follows a novel formula developed by ANS IP Management Services through rigorous analysis of performance of one or more products in different technological domains and geographical regions, and brand (trademark) licenses/sale happened in past. The demand value of the brand can be anywhere between 25-40% of the calculated brand value.

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The brand value calculator adopts a big data based analysis and sums up the variables of previously done trademark valuations through which successful trademark commercialization has happened, into a simple formulae.

Steps for Brand value through the calculator are:

  1. The above brand value calculation is activated by entering the trademark application no. The applicant should enter only trademark application no.;
  2. Enter the legal status of the trademark application no. i.e. whether the patent application is granted or pending or lapsed;
  3. Enter a priority country into which the trademark application is first filed;
  4. Enter the no. of countries in which trademark family of the trademark application has been filed so far;
  5. Enter a priority date of the trademark application and enter the years left for the trademark application i.e. (10-(Current Year-Priority Year));
  6. Whether the product has entered the market and if yes how much revenue it has generated so far;
  7. Select the technical field in which trademark practices its products or services from the drop down;

On the basis of entered values, the brand value calculator shows you an approximate brand value. The approximate number can be justifiable by conducting in depth and detailed brand valuation report through an experienced patent valuation expert. For a verified brand valuation report, a trademark value shown by all the above said methods should coincide with each other or should fall with in 10% (plus or minus) of the trademark valuation shown by each method.

Further to this, the brand valuation report should also consider:

  1. Market Valuation of the Products and Assets under the Brand – Market valuation of a brand is the price at which an asset would trade in a competitive auction setting. Market value is often used interchangeably with open market value, fair value or fair market value, although these terms have distinct definitions in different standards, and may or may not differ in some circumstances.
  2. In-demand structure of the Product or services provided under said brand – In-demand structure shows a market trend in terms of sale, purchase profit and loss incurred in a considered market through commercialization of competitors products. 

Disclaimer – The value of a brand is calculated on approximation basis and cannot be used for any legal representation as it is only an opinion. ANS IP Management Services cannot be held responsible for any commercial or legal usage of this report.

Brand Valuation Methods

Brand Valuation is a process used to determine how much a company’s distinguishing brand is worth. Trademarks (brands) are used to distinguish a company’s unique products and services from those of others in the marketplace. Various methods adopted for performing brand valuation are:

  • Income Based Brand Valuation – The income approach uses estimates of future estimated economic benefits or cash flows and discounts them, for the associated time and risks involved, to a present value.
  • Market based Brand Valuation – The market approach uses market based indicators of value. For trademarks this can be transactions involving selling, buying, franchising or licensing IP rights, which are often in practice bundled with other deals.
  • Cost based Brand Valuation – There are two general considerations to the cost approach: 1) the historic cost of creating the trademark and the estimated cost; and 2) time that would be required to create an equivalent or replacement trademark.

Although, the inventor is advised to seek a detailed report of the patent value along with proof-reading by a lawyer of the report to produce it legally or for any commercialization purposes. Such report can be sought through an IPR firm or valuation company at a cost ranging from ₹ 2,00,000- ₹ 5,00,000.

Why Use Our Brand Value Calculator?

Brand valuation is generally done (and also recommended) by the a team brand valuation experts, analysts and attorneys. Hence, the brand valuation includes huge manpower, high experience and man-hour which indulges huge cost that may become unbearable by brand owners or even corporate clients.

So, to give a fair idea of their brand values for free before completing a deal the brand value calculator is provided. It is always recommended that after confirmation of commercialization agreement and also if the concerning or buying party is asking for a detailed, the client should procure detailed brand valuation report.

What are the drawbacks of not conducting brand valuation?

Many commercialization deals require rigorous documentation and one of which is brand valuation report. Let’s take a scenario that the inventor or the applicant has not sought the patent valuation report, then two outcome may be foreseen:

a) Deal finalized with undervaluation of the brand – The amount paid by the buyer or overtaking company or investor many be much lower than the actual value of the brand in the market. This becomes issue of dispute when the same products starts generating much higher revenue as anticipated by the current brand owner.

b) Deal finalized with overvaluation of the patent – Sometimes it may happen that on the basis of media reports, current market trends and a brilliant business pitch by the brand owner, the buyer agrees to pay a value which later proves to be unworthy. So, the brand valuation becomes very important because the current trends do not always reflect the stiff competition the brand may face in the market and how the similar brand have performed previously.

Hence, it is always suggested to contact a brand valuation expert for generating the brand valuation report to gain a fair value idea OR at least visit our brand value calculator and get a quick idea of the fair value for a brand.