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ANS IP Management – Baroda Branch


Ankita Patel Bhatt
M. Pharm
Director &Business Lead – IPR (ANS IP Management Services Vadodara)
Registered Patent Agent/Attorney

Ankita Patel Bhatt has graduated her Masters of Pharmacy (M. Pharm) with distinction in year 2014 and is a Indian Patent Agent with Indian Patent Office (Indian Patent Agent No. IN/PA-3455). Also, Ankita Patel Bhatt is Director and heads Vadodara branch of ANS IP Management Services.

Ankita Bhatt has more than 6 years of industrial experience in Pharma sector in leading MNCs like Sun Pharma, Cadila Healthcare (Zydus group) and have in-depth knowledge about pharmaceutical manufacturing and process involved thereof. Ankita has keen eye for innovation analytics and handling IP matters, patents in particular, in field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life science, healthcare, molecular biology, microbiology, medical devices and pharma machinery.

She has extensive experience in patent analytics, patent research, drafting patent specifications in areas field of pharma/biotechnology mentioned above. She has vast knowledge of patent laws in India and other countries, making effortless for clients to file patent application in India and other countries globally.

Patent Agent/Attorney Team in Vadodara

Ms. Ankita Patel Bhatt commands an experienced team of the patent attorneys and patent agents in Vadodara. The patent attorney and agents team in Vadodara have expertise in handling following matters:

  1. Patent Search & Analytics –ANS IP team aims to meet our clients’ requirements by employing multi-dimensional search strategies, which are formulated using structured processes. Our search strategies involve wide coverage of web database with free access to, abstract and bibliographic data and paid access to full specifications of patents from various issuing offices. We perform customized based search strategies and analysis based on the needs of our clients, who may command projects pertaining to prior art search and analysis for the purposes of determining novelty, freedom to operate, invalidating patents or infringement, among others.

  2. Patent Specification Drafting – ANS IP team has vast experience in drafting patent specification in various technological domains. Our patent specification drafting strategy includes understanding of not only the technical objectives, but also the business objectives and competitive advantage sought from the patent and prepare specifications that are equipped to meet such goals.

  3. Patent Registration and maintenance – ANS IP team host independent patent application filing and patent portfolio management for Indian as well as international patent applications. We help our clients in strategizing their patent application according to their business goal and needs taking into consideration Indian patent law and rules.Our team keeps clients informed about upcoming events corresponding to their portfolio while the application is pending for grant and even after post grant of application.

  4. International Patent Registration –ANS IP team is highly versed in filing and registering patent in PCT and other countries primarily including US, EPO, Japan, China, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Brazil.

  5. Patent prosecution – ANS IP team, which includes Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys, has extensive experience in prosecuting patent applications across various jurisdictions including U.S, EP, China, Japan and India. This not only help our clients in patent grant but also in gaining competitive advantages sought from the patent.

  6. Patent Litigation – ANS IP team of patent agent and attorneys works closely with clients to understand their business goals and helps clients maximize benefits from litigation, and minimize costs, effort, and time by implementing effective patent litigation strategy.Our team is well equipped for handling the patent litigation in India, US and EPO in vast range of technical fields.

  7. Miscellaneous –ANS IP team also assist in preparing responses to official action, handling of pre-grant and post-grant opposition, appeals and strategizing amendment of claims for maximizing impact, tracking the application from filing to grant and maintenance of patents by docketing and renewal/annuities services.

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