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IP Portfolio Management

The role and importance of patent professionals in IP portfolio management (IPM) are increasing significantly within business, academic, and legal entities. Driven by the speed and magnitude of today’s technological development, the sheer volume of patent information, and the increasingly competitive, global environment, there is a need to more effectively manage the patent process to enhance efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We are experienced in managing IP portfolios that includes state of the art searches, patent ability searches, freedom to operate searches, invalidity searches, Patent Landscaping, patent mining, IP surveillance and analysis, by providing patent-prosecution support, patent-status information updates, and generating reports on IP status.IP Portfolio Management by ANS team brings to you following advantages at a cost of just USD 50,000-100,000:1) Registration of N no. of patents including PPAs (provisional specification) and NPAs (complete specification), managing the legal procedure for one year
2) Registration of N no. of trademarks and managing legal procedure for the registered trademarks for one year
3) Registration of N no. of copyrights and managing legal procedure for the registered copyrights for one year
4) Registration of N no. of designs and managing legal procedure for the registered designs for one year.Apart from these registrations, ANS IP Management Services also provides its IP watch services in which ANS team continuously analyzes the technical development in patents and designs, compares the analyzed technical details with timely registered competitor patents, designs and products and alerts the client against any infringement in two ways:a) if any competitor is infringing their patents and designs
b) if any competitors is infringed by client’s patents and designs
Accordingly the ANS attorneys suggest feasible strategies to keep our client’s position better placed than their competitors.