patent-agent-patent-attornyA Patent is a form of protection that provides a person or legal entity with exclusive rights for making, using or selling a concept or invention and excludes others from doing the same for 20 years from the date of filing. Owning a patent gives you the right to stop someone else from making, using or selling your invention without your permission for a term of 20 years from the date of filing i.e. the duration of the patent. There are basically three patentable criteria for an invention. The invention should be novel, should possess an inventive step and must have a commercial utility. A patent is a monopoly right given to inventors to make money out of there patented invention. A patent can also be licensed out, licensed in or sold, and in return monetary benefits can be gained. A patent is a form of an intellectual property. A patent becomes an asset of a person or an entity which in the times of crisis can be used as a tool to withstand the situation by selling its IP portfolio. Only an inventor may apply for a patent on his or her idea. If two or more people participate in the creation of an invention, the law requires that all participants apply for a patent as joint inventors.

ANS IP Management Services provides patent services in India as well as various other countries. The patent services in India includes following offerings:

Patentability/Prior Art Search

ANS IP MS provide you one of the best patent-ability/prior art search report and analysis. If you’re trying to determine if your idea has already been patented, you can have a search performed on all existing patents and Non-patent literature. Any single document publicly known which completely discloses your invention forms the prior art under anticipation. A combination of two or more than two prior arts which after combining certain features forms the present invention will be called as a prior art under an obvious class. The patent search will tell you whether other patents have already been issued that may disclose or suggest your invention.

We provide full fledged prior art search service using various paid and freely available patent databases. Our searches are conducted by highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. The ANS team uses this patent-ability/prior art search to draft your patent in such a technical cum legal language that has high chances of getting grant after examination in a jurisdiction. ANS provide global prior art/patent searches, country specific prior art/patent searches and company/organization/inventor/assignee/competitor specific prior art/patent searches. To avail Patentability/Prior Art Search Contact Us

Novelty Search

A novelty search is performed to analyze whether your invention is novel or not. A novelty report will be provided which will tell you whether your invention is novel or not. The search report will include list of various patented, published and non-patented literatures which will have the probability to become prior arts with respect to the current invention. The search report will also contain our expert opinion on the novelty of your invention. We provide full fledged Novelty search service using various paid and freely available patent databases. Our searches are conducted by highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. Although novelty search is same as Prior Art Search, but ANS Team makes it as a special and separate tool by giving you a novelty search consisting all the patent, non-patent literature and products. Alongwith this ANS clearly classifies all the novelty/differentiating aspects, prepares a list of them and suggests the client how to elaborate or enhance them. To avail Novelty Search Contact Us

Freedom to operate search and Evidence of Use Search

“Freedom to operate” is abbreviated as “FTO”. Freedom to operate is also known by the name of “Clearance” search or “Right to Use” search. Freedom to operate search is usually conducted to determine whether a particular action, such as testing or commercialising a product, can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others. Freedom to operate is performed country wise or territory wise, since IP rights are specific to different jurisdictions, country or territory. Thus, a “freedom to operate” analysis should relate to particular country or regions where you want to operate. A freedom to operate search examines the claims language of the third-party in-force patents and is typically conducted as due diligence to assess the risk of potential infringement. Freedom to operate search report provides an opinion on the clearance of products, technologies, or processes. A freedom to operate search helps to analyze an entity that whether there is any freedom to operate in that county or not, without infringing others patents. Freedom to operate search is conducted when an entity has a product ready to be launched in the market. An evidence of use (EOU) search is patent to product mapping. In this claims of considered patent is mapped with  product which has been launched or continued after the priority of patent/publication of patent. ANS Team is well-versed in FTO/EOU Searches and Report generation. We do the FTO/EOU Reports on jurisdiction basis and global basis. The client is given a soft copy and a booklet copy of the generated FTO/EOU search. The charges quoted by ANS IP MS is highly competitive with present market and report is highly efficient. To avail FTO /EOU Search and Report Contact Us

Invalidity Search

An invalidity search is conducted to uncover patents or other published prior arts that may render a granted patent invalid. A Patent Validity Search or Patent Invalidity Search is an exhaustive Prior Art Search conducted after a patent is issued. The main purpose of the search is either to validate the enforceability of a patent’s claims or to invalidate one or more claims of a patent, respectively. These two searches are identical except for the desired outcome i.e. valid or invalid patent claims, of the search. Although, each claim of a patent is presumed to be valid when granted, it is possible that the Patent Office may have allowed claims in error by overlooking the best prior art at least because of the limited time and resources allotted to a patent Examiner for conducting prior art searches. In such instances, the invalidity search conducted for the patent in question will uncover better prior art than the prior art of record uncovered earlier by the patent examiner. The result of an invalidity search is to identify prior art, published before the earliest priority date of the target patent, with the goal of finding specifications that read on the claims of the target patent. We are experienced in conducting invalidity searches in all domains. ANS Team has conducted over a dozen invalidity searches and generated highly effective report for Indian as well as overseas clients/attorneys. The charges are nominal and can be afforded by a range of client form individual inventors to MNC entities. To avail the Invalidity Search services Contact Us

Patent Drafting & Filing

ANS has expert draftsmen having an experience of more than eight years. ANS posses expert illustrators providing efficient 2d and 3d CAD illustrations. The draftsmen have expertise in drafting for USPTO, EPO, India, Australia and Malaysian jurisdictions.ANS team have drafted and filed more than 150 patent applications including provisional and complete specification. Thus we offer one of the best drafts in the industry and most competitive charges. The ANS team offers filing and patent handling all across India as well as countries like USA, European Countries (16 countries), Israel, Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, S. Africa and S. Korea. To know more about Patent Filing and Drafting charges Contact Us

Patent Prosecution

ANS Team has handled a wide range of examination in India and USA. This has got more than 20 grant in India as well as USA and has confidence of prosecuting any field of invention. With the help of industry experts working closely with ANS IP MS, the ANS team is confident of getting grant for any type of application and can take over the matter from any stage. The assurance of getting grant to client comes at highly affordable charges. To Know More Contact Us

Product Specific Market Analysis and Valuation

ANS provides a specific service known as “ProSMARV” through which we provide an analysis over a marketability and commonality of a product. Also on the basis of a plurality of certified documents we manipulate the revenue which can be probably generated by the concerned product. Market Analysis of a patent/product is available in the market at really high cost and very few industry experts provide it. So in case you need to how our product will do in the market, and how much revenue it can generate in forecoming years at affordable charges then come to us. To Know More Contact Us.

Opinion on Marketable Potential of an Invention

ANS also provides an opinion to various law firms over various cumbersome and core technological inventions. Contact Us


ANS do provide help in litigation cases and have a team of experienced attorney team who have a long track record of helping out MNCs in their litigation cases. Contact Us

National Phase Filing in India

ANS provide an effortless sanctuary to the inventors/companies seeking to register their patent in India. We have highly experienced attorneys who have experience of filing and prosecuting over 50 applications in India. To know more about our charges kindle Contact Us

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