Brand Evaluation is one of the most prominent exercises performed when company tries to sell off their stakes or going of overtaking or looking for franchise or for many other corporate transactions. A brand evaluation considers many parameters related to the brand and related trademarks or logo. What is a Brand Valuation/Evaluation? Brand valuation is
Patent Evaluation is first step for an applicant who is targeting for commercialization of his or her patent. A patent is one of the most valuable assets for an individual and a company which can be commercialized if filed strongly and potentially implementable in the market. What Patent Valuation/Evaluation? Patent valuation is an asset valuation
Natco Pharma is again in news and surprisingly for nearly same pharmaceutical field. Taiho Pharmaceutical, a Japanese pharmaceuticals company and its group company have moved a US court against Natco Pharma, alleging that the Indian drug maker was attempting to come out with a generic version of its cancer medicine ‘Lonsurf,’ before expiration of its

How safe are inventors

It’s a known fact that the inventions which are a true solutions to an unsolved problem or the inventions which are easy, cheaper and an alternative to an existing technology which is having a high market value is a threat to the big companies, which are doing good and earning more and more profit. Patent