Patent Drafting Services

Patent Drafting Services

ANS IP team provides high-end patent drafting services through an elite team of patent agents, attorneys and analysts. The ANS IP team has a cumulative experience of patent drafting of 20 years in more than 10 technological domains, over 1000 patents and patent filing in more than 40 countries.

Patent drafting, besides being the most important document in the entire patent registration process, is also considered to be one of the most complex techno-legal documents. This document contains the aspects of the invention for which protection is sought.

In patent drafting services, ANS IP team provides:

Provisional Patent Drafting : ANS IP team has drafted more than 300 provisional applications. The ANS IP Team serves a responsible way of drafting a broad content in provisional application. This allows an extra degree of freedom to user while drafting a non-provisional application.

Non-Provisional Patent/Complete Specification Drafting : ANS IP team always ensures a grant-ability and enforceability of a non-provisional or complete specification. For doing so, ANS IP mandates the prior art search report either done by ANS IP team or inventor. By doing so a drafter gets a clear picture that how the prior arts have been drafted, what are the key areas covered and their strength. This allows the drafter to draft a claim language and specification in an in-obviated manner.

Constructing claims during patent drafting is an art and requires a fine balance between the legal and the technical. Moreover, there is always the dilemma of constructing the claims either too broad or too narrow. Usually patent agents try to construct claims (before finalizing a specification in a patent drafting) as broadly as possible to widen the scope of the invention. If the claims are too broadly constructed, there is a possibility that the application would face rejection for covering more than what the inventor actually invented. On the other hand, if the claims are too narrow and does not cover the invention adequately, competitors may easily copy the invention and work around it without infringing the patent claims. If a patent claims are narrow, the patent may not be of much use commercially because competitors may make slight modification in the product that do not infringe the patent claims and launch it in the market.

ANS IP serves the provisional patent drafting in 7 to 10 working and the non-provisional patent/complete application in 10-12 working days. If needed, ANS IP also extends illustration assistance to the client through its experienced patent illustrators.

Further ANS IP team is well versed in patent drafting in USPTO format, EPO format and Malaysian Patent Office format apart form IPO format.

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