Miscellaneous Patent Services

Protect and Project



ANS introduces P&P i.e. Protect and Project Services to promote patent services in India. Under the P&P scheme, ANS asks their clients to pay for a set no. of ideas for a set no. of time. The scheme is applicable for large entities or R&D firms that have many ideas but know less about the patentability of those ideas. With a payment of a fixed amount, we conduct patentability searches for all those ideas and also provide filing facilities for the patentable ideas.

Our P&P scheme is beneficial for the client because they don’t have to pay any extra for the patentability searches of their many ideas and gets their patent filed.



ANS provides a specific service known as “ProSMARV” through which we provide an analysis over a marketability and commercial-ability of a product. Also on the basis of a plurality of certified documents we manipulate the revenue which can be probably generated by the concerned product. This product promotes patent services and its commercialization in India.
If u have a vague idea,come to us. ANS does which no other IPR firm has done ever. ANS with its highly efficient technical experts provide innovation development assistance to their clients. InDeA is a part of patent services that has not reached into core market of India but with our efforts its increasing its roots.

IP Training

ANS always encourages an awareness of Intellectual Property rights and its management. ANS is actively involved in providing training on Intellectual property rights to new comers, start-ups and students. ANS conducts two/three day workshops on IPR. ANS also provides course material and inventors kit. Under the IP Training, ANS promotes their patent services too for various sectors.

Enforcement and Protection

The rights granted by patents and designs are valuable and need to be enforced. ANS deals with all types of patent services and related disputes including.
  •    Design infringement
  •    Passing off and unlawful competition
  •    Oppositions to design and patents
  •    Patent infringements

IP watch and surveillance

An Intellectual Property right is under threat for most of the time. IP rights needs to be checked timely for any kind of infringement and invalidation. ANS provides an IP watch service (part of patent services) for keeping a watch on the IP of the competitors and provides solutions to beforehand safeguard your IP.