Out Reach – IPR

An IPR is a territorial right. There is nothing called a global IP protection. To protect an IP globally, it has to go through different countries’ IP procedures. ANS has a wide outreach globally with the expert IP attorneys assisting us in the international filings of IP. Our reach is extended up to the countries shown in different colors:
ANS IP Management Services gives Intellectual Property services in the following countries:
1) India (IPR management in IPO)

2) United States (IPR management in USPTO)

3) European Nations, (IPR management in EPO)

4) Australia (IPR management in IP Australia)

5) China (IPR management in SIPO)

6) Japan (IPR management in JPO)

7) Brazil

8) U.A.E

9) Malaysia

10) Israel

11) S.Africa

12) S. Korea

13) Singapore

14) Canada

15) Argentina

16) Russia