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ANS IP Management Services has a qualified and experienced team of patent agents and patent attorneys in India. ANS IP Management Services has excelled its talent in Intellectual Property Services in various domains of technology. ANS IP Management Services team is highly experienced in US, Indian and European patent drafting and filing and it is our pleasure to announce that we have got opportunities to work with some highly renowned organizations and helped them to get patent grants.

We take up patent work for all domains. We believe in quality work, in-time delivery of the projects and enforcement of clients’ Intellectual Property in best way.

We have experience in handling IP portfolios of clients (patent searching, drafting, filing, prosecution and litigation). We take up projects such as Patent Search, Patent Drafting (Indian, US, European and PCT (See the list of countries in we have outreach)), preparing responses to Office Actions, FTO searches, Infringement Searches, IP Market Analysis (Primary) and Market Valuation.

Established in early 21st century, with a boosting client base of more than 100 including MNCs, medium scale companies, start-ups and individuals. We are highly experienced in US, Indian, European and Malaysian patent drafting and filing. ANS IP Management Services is a growing Intellectual Property firm in India started by experienced and enthusiastic professionals when they thought that it was a time to apply their knowledge and carve out new prospects in the IPR field.

Thus, they have developed ANS IP MANAGEMENT SERVICES as a tip-to-toe IPR firm. Presently ANS IP Management Services has its base in 3 Indian cities Mumbai,Bangalore, and New Delhi, through which ANS IP Management Services controls the client from any corner of Indian geography. Apart from this ANS IP Management Services has its associate/attorney offices in USA, Europe, S. Africa, Israel, Japan, China, Australia, Brazil and S. Korea.

The company has an in-counsel team of expert and experienced patent agents, patent engineers, analysts, illustrators and attorneys. ANS IP Management Services also possess a huge of-counsel team comprising PHD professionals and professionals with huge industry experience. Thus ANS IP Management Services team possess a core technical knowledge as well as legal expertise to formulate a well versed techno legal team. The enormous experience of ANS IP Management Services team gives a cutting edge to its ability to handle even the most cumbersome technical inventions and serve better to the market industry leaders in various technology domains. So, even being a very recent start-up ANS IP Management Services holds capability to handle any size of clients.

ANS IP Management Services has seen its growth from root so it knows that at what particular time they have to apply which step and in what way. ANS has introduced many innovative services like “Protect and Project”, “ProSMARV” and “InDeA” to help the inventors search out new dimensions and assistance to their intellect. These things are being lagging from a very long period in Indian and foreign IPR firms. So, ANS IP Management Services is trying to fill up the loop holes in present Intellectual Property field.


FAQs: How & Why

1) What is importance of Intellectual Property? Why should an applicant pay so much to an attorney for Intellectual Property related procedures?

Ans – An intellectual property provides an exclusive territorial right to an applicant over his or her idea/product/intellect. In case applicant doesn’t protect his or her intellectual property then even though he/she is owner of the product but can’t claim it due to absence of any legal document to show his/her priority.

As many know and some who don’t know should be clarified that Intellectual Property Rights comprises six major fields known as  Patent (To know more Click Here), Trademark (To know more Click Here), Design (To know more Click Here), Copyrights (To know more Click Here), Trade Secret and Geographical Indication.

IP attorneys and agents understand the whole cycle of the intellectual property procedure in much better way, so in initial stage itself they predict how may the Intellectual Property application act during prosecution stage. So if an applicant cares about his/her IP then the taking attorney/agent help is suggested, although it involves a lot of service charges but to high extent assures smooth IP procedures.

2) Can’t I draft and file an Intellectual Property application myself? Is it mandatory to take help of an experienced attorney/company/agent to draft and file my application?

Ans – No, its not mandatory but highly suggested. As when an inventor drafts an application, he just emphasize on technical or minimal things in the draft while a patent agent/attorney/analyst maintain balance between a good explanation supported with legal way of drafting.

3) What are the general rules in Indian Intellectual Property law?

Ans- For patent, the rules can be understood and studied from the following Indian Patent website – http://ipindia.nic.in/ipr/patent/patents.htm.

For trademarks, the rules can be understood and studied from the following Indian Trademark website – http://ipindia.nic.in/tmr_new/default.htm.

For Designs, the rules can be understood and studied from the following Indian Design website – http://ipindia.nic.in/.

For Copyrights, the rules can be understood and studied from the following Indian Copyright website – http://copyright.gov.in/Default.aspx.

Apart from these links, if there is any clarification needed over any Intellectual Property Field, please feel free to Contact Us.

4) What is the life of a registered patent, trademark, copyright and design?

Ans – In India, life of the patent is 20 years from the priority date. A registered trademark is valid for 10 years  and after every 10 years you have to renew it. A registered copyright is valid for the whole life of applicant + 60 years after applicant’s life. A registered design holds its priority for 10 years and then it’ll get generalized for public use.

5) Is intellectual property registered in one country applicable for all the countries globally?

Ans – Yes, during examination phase, the examiner sites the prior arts for concerning intellectual property application globally.

But if we are considering vice versa case i.e. whether an applicant can claim his priority in a country other than the priority country (if he/she has not registered the concerned intellectual property application there), then the answer is no. An applicant can enforce his/her intellectual property only in those jurisdiction where the concerned intellectual property has been registered.

6) Is there any route through we can register intellectual property into multiple countries?

Ans – Yes, for various IP’s there are various routes.

For patents, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application has to be registered within one year of the priority date. This gives 30-31 months of period to file an application in 148 countries (applicant can opt for any of these or multiple of countries in these) registered under PCT. Otherwise, the applicant has to directly file the application individually in each desired country within one year of priority date.

For Design, The Hague Protocol is there under which an applicant has to apply for the application within 2 months of the priority date. Since India is not the member of The Hague Protocol, so applicant has to enter directly in the desired countries.

For Trademarks, the Madrid Protocol is there in which the applicant has to apply his or her application within two months of priority date.

7) What are the value additions provided by ANS IP Management Services, in short why we choose ANS IP Management Services for intellectual property services?

Ans- ANS IP Management Services has only one aim and that is to broadcast and flourish your Intellectual Prpperty on global platform and that is achieved through various packages:

1) For Individuals – ANS IP Management Services not only registers and prosecutes the application of their client but also nurture it. ANS IP Management Services team ensures utmost grant-ability and enforceability of their clients’ intellectual property. Also ANS IP Management Services team assists in commercializing the intellectual property of their clients, so that the client can fetch a deserving payback for there work and investment. The prices quoted by ANS IP Management Services is highly competitive with respect to the companies who provide same quality of services.

2) Companies – ANS IP Management Services has launched protect & project program under which the companies can flourish by investing a small amount towards their IP protection and enforcement in India. In this, ANS IP Management Services registers and follow/provide all the legal assistance for N number of IPs in a financial year for a lump sum payment of USD 20,000 for small scale firms having a turnover of 50 crores or less annually and USD 40,000 for the companies having annual turnover more than 50 crores. Apart from the IP registration and prosecution in India, ANS provides IP watch services to allow market monopoly to the companies.

3) Universities and Technical Colleges – Presently Indian universities and technical colleges (who have R&D units), just registers their intellectual property in India but don’t plan for more. ANS IP Management Services creates awareness programs for them and suggests that they should register their intellectual property in multiple countries as well as commercialize (license) their strong intellectual property similar to being practiced by universities and colleges in developed countries.

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