Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection granted to the creators of original works of authorship such as literary works (including computer programmes, tables and compilations), dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings.

Copyright/Literary Drafting

ANS has also evolved the practice of drafting copyright documents on demand of their clients. ANS comprises many expert technical writers for drafting the copyright content whether technical or non-technical in a professional manner. Presently user has to go to multiple companies for availing technical righting, registering and litigating services. ANS provides all these services under one roof through best in industry attorneys. To know more or avail our services  Contact Us.


ANS files the drafted copyright in the Indian Copyright Office and submit the original copies of the documents and receipts to the clients in just 7 working days of time.  ANS attorneys keep time to time track over the status of the copyright and assist you in getting the grant. To know more or avail our services  Contact Us.


ANS IP MS attorneys are highly qualified and has a brilliant track record of getting 100% grant so far i.e. within the promised duration we get you a copyright status for your work. To know more or avail our services  Contact Us.


ANS has a team of attorneys who have helped various clients in their copyright litigation. ANS attorneys have successfully litigated in the field of literary works, themes and lyrics. To know more or avail our services  Contact Us.

ANS team also suggest their client to register copyright for various lab works which are not covered under patents because the copyrights can be used as a power mode to close the loopholes in a technology development. Thus it assures the client over establishment of Intellectual Property monopoly in a given jurisdiction.

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